About Us

Technology at its best

Chiok Integrated services Limited is an independent, Indigenous Information and Communication Technology company offering a wide range of IT products and services.



"To add value while providing high quality products that combine performance with value for money, fast delivery of service and products that excels customer expectation."


To inspire continuous improvement, integration and service of high quality products and services that provides a complete and comprehensive range of products and services.

Cinservltd is an IT hardware, services and solution provider that helps clients plan, build and support their IT infrastructures. Cinservltd applies its expertise in networking, printing solutions, computing, servers, security, operating environments, storage and contact centre technologies and its unique skills in consulting, integration and managed services to create customized client solutions. Our rich history in networking has placed us at the forefront in helping clients simplify and consolidate their IT infrastructures through Internet Protocol (IP) convergence. In addition to bringing strong domain expertise in implementing IT infrastructure, we work with our clients to solve critical business issues through technology, including:

  • Driving operational efficiency of IT infrastructures - we balance the ongoing issue of driving down operational costs versus improving reliability, flexibility and quality of service
  • Creating profitable customer relationships - We help organizations develop and improve communication channels to deliver lasting customer relationships at lower costs and knowledge management
  • Improving employee productivity - We help organizations improve employee and partner collaboration to deliver greater employee productivity, improved information sharing
  • Securing networks, applications and data - We help organizations reduce their risks by offering solutions that protect, detect, and respond to external and internal incidents and threats
  • Maximizing the value of information assets - Our objective is to maximize the value of information within an organization whilst minimizing the cost of creating, sharing and storing the information.

Traditionally, CINSERVLTD is specialized in the procurement, Leasing, supply, installation and maintenance of Computers (hardware/software), Printing, Supplies, Servers, Storage and networking